Kaufman Lynn Construction has a “supercharged” approach to preconstruction. We believe the best projects start with detailed planning. Our preconstruction services include cost estimating, scheduling, scope of work development, budget preparation and value engineering. But we go beyond the basics and relentlessly scrutinize the plans and specifications to find extra value for our clients.

Our Proven Formula For Bringing Projects Into Budget

Kaufman Lynn Construction has a superior reputation for completing projects within budget, often when other contractors can’t or won’t. We work with design professionals to identify alternatives for the systems and materials going into the final design. By considering these cost-saving alternatives in the course of design, we are able incorporate the most effective means, methods, systems and materials into every building we construct.

A Trendsetting Approach To Evaluating Sustainable Design/LEED Options

We review and evaluate initial vs. long term costs associated with energy and water use efficiency, in addition to intangible issues such as staff productivity and wellness. For example, Kaufman Lynn can perform life-cycle cost analysis on different energy efficiency measures to calculate which options are the most effective over the life of the equipment. We also offer suggestions for alternative systems and/or material suppliers who may be able to provide lower pricing and suggest subcontractors to procure and install the products.

Calculated Project Start-Up

Prior to the start of a project, Kaufman Lynn develops a “Means & Methods Statement” as a road map for the success of the project. This “build it on paper first” approach prior to groundbreaking, addresses logistical concerns and coordination issues prior to the development of a schedule — saving time and money.