University Commons

Barnes and Noble
Myro Barnes and Noble
Myro Circuit City
University Commons
  • Size:
    175,000 square feet
  • Services:
    General Contractor
  • Project Location:
    Boca Raton, FL
  • Owner:
    Schmier & Fuerring Properties
  • Architect:
    Mark Weiner, AIA


New Construction of a 175,000 s.f. Lifestyle Center with tilt-wall construction including a 20-acre site package, five big box national retailers(Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Organized Living and Circuit City) and 25,000 s.f. of local retailers & restaurants.


“Projects such as University Commons are very challenging, considering the need to balance the demanding requirements of the large national tenants and the specific requirements of the governmental authorities. The project was completed on a timely basis and within the overall budget, and we know you share our pride in the finished product.”

Douglas R. Feurring, CEO,
Schmier & Feurring Properties.