Signature at Doral

Fountain lake J-Peg
Entrance J-Peg
Overall Front J-Peg
Front Feature J-Peg
Lake view  J-Peg
Play Ground J-Peg
Livingroom J-Peg
Kitchen J-Peg
Bedroom J-Peg
DSC_1933 J-Peg
DSC_1949 J-Peg
DSC_1964 J-Peg
DSC_1979 A J-Peg
DSC_2063 J-Peg
  • Size:
    464,249 square feet
  • Services:
    General Contractor
  • Project Location:
    Doral, FL
  • Owner:
    CC Residential
  • Architect:
    MSA Architects


New rental apartment community on a 16.6 acre site with eight 4-story apartment buildings(352 units) and a 12,000 s.f. luxury clubhouse facing a man-made lake.

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