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  • Size:
    23,298 s.f.
  • Services:
    CM at Risk
  • Project Location:
    Delray Beach, FL
  • Owner:
    FFS Partners, LLC
  • Architect:
    RLC Architects


Located on the outskirts of Delray Beach, Fla., in a semi-urban industrial-office district strip, the 23,298 s.f. office building was designed as a catalyst for the City’s Congress Avenue Corridor initiative, which envisions the 4.1-mile corridor as an emerging area for job creation, business incubation, housing, and transit-oriented development.

As the site of the new Kaufman Lynn Construction corporate headquarters, the company was both the client and construction manager. The project scope included both development and construction of this new three-story single-user office building. The orientation of the building adheres to urban concepts and provides public space along the front of the building.

The building materials are a combination of concrete, steel and glass all woven by an aluminum veil. Sitting on top of a concrete structure is structural steel frame infilled with glass. The metal screen provides the building with recognizable architectural identity. The interior features a variety of high end materials, cedar planks, Venetian plaster and a mix of exposed and concealed ceilings.

Kaufman Lynn Construction did not self-perform. Subcontractors were chosen based on merit and their ability to meet the accelerated construction schedule.

The contract value for the project was $4.8 million and it was constructed in nine months.

Unique material/finishes:
– Façade features brushed stainless steel “mesh” panels. They are custom designed, so that the pattern appears completely organic even though the patterns duplicates on the panels
– Hybrid structure (concrete pedestal first floor with supported cantilever & steel second floor) to allow for the building to have the lightness required for the foundations recommended during design
– Ceramic coating sprayed on the underside of the 2nd floor replaces the need for insulation — used by NASA on the space shuttle tiles to deflect heat of re-entry
– Atlantic white cedar is featured in the lobby ceiling, behind reception desk and incorporated in the conf. room ceiling lighting
– Reception desk wrap is made of Venetian plaster which simulates concrete
– White wall in Lobby: Modular Arts “muscle fiber”
– Exposed architectural block on the first floor, along with exposed/rubbed concrete column work