Delaire Country Club

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  • Size:
  • Project Location:
    Delray Beach, FL
  • Owner:
    Delaire Country Club
  • Architect:
    Currie, Sowards, Aguila Architects


The project required the complete demolition of current club facilities. To allow club operations to continue, Kaufman Lynn Construction created staging plans and coordinated construction schedules with club activities.  The project was split into two phases with most heavy activity during off-season. Kaufman Lynn Construction also scheduled “off hour” shifts and provided temporary facilities, including dining facilities for 250-member seating.  To allow the club to serve Thanksgiving dinner, one of the clubs biggest events, in the clubhouse rather than temporary facilities, Kaufman Lynn Construction delayed Phase 2 demolition by one and a half months and rearranged construction activities to gain four days a month, maintaining all milestones and completing the project according to the original contract.